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4K videoprojector

6 September 2019

4K videoprojector, which model to choose and at what price? New 4K videoprojector is the must for big picture enthusiasts. Please note, your sources must then be also in 4k, which is not always the case especially at Netflix… For small budgets, the first projectors “4K” from 1166 € (excl.taxes) are projectors that simulate a […]

FULL HD OR 4K, what differences?

2 August 2019

High Definition,  Full HD or 4K images. What are the differences? Please find here a shema of the image quality depending on the number of pixels according to the image formats of the projectors and TV. FULL HD OR 4K, what differences? Find here proportion of an HD ready image, Full HD, UHD or 4K […]

ecran et projecteur courte focale

short focal projector

17 June 2019

short focal projector? Projections are normally done as in the cinema with projectors placed in the middle of the room. This projectors are designed to broadcast a bright and colorful image, with very good contrast. Some are tempted by the ease of installation of a short throw projector or ultra short focal length. How far […]

epson 9400 test

15 May 2019

epson 9400 test After many screens manufactured and customers installations with this beamer, we asked our friends customers what they thought about this high-end video projector, and constitute an epson 9400 test.

What is 4K? Difference between a Full HD image and a 4K image?

26 April 2019

What is 4K? What is the difference between a Full HD image and a 4K image?

1st INTERACTIVE foldable Screen at VINCI in Tours (37)

26 March 2019

1st INTERACTIVE foldable Screen at VINCI in Tours (37) You know screens that unfolded from the ceiling, interactive TVs, folding screens and art pictures: for the first time in the World, here are the 4 in 1 !

toile technique

which technical canvas?

13 March 2019

Which technical canvas? here are some tips for choosing well Is it necessary to call him back? Movie theaters are windowless rooms with white screens specifically designed to reflect the image of the projector. The ideal is to recreate at home, or in its meeting room, the closest possible conditions to optimize the image of […]

A screen for what?

31 December 2018

A screen for what? Why not project directly on the wall? Cinema was invented in France in the early twentieth century, and we had to quickly find a support to project the image: the white sheet just hanging on a wall was the first screen used. Then the cinema became an art and the screen […]


1 December 2018

Sliding screen! How to have a big screen of 3m on a small wall of 1,80M? Here is our tip! with our DesignScreenHD sliding screen solution.

Screen on fireplace

4 October 2018

Screen on fireplace Do you dream of a big screen above your fireplace? This is now possible with our patented folding screens.