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Folding projection screen for home theater

Imagine! Your ornamental painting unfolds and becomes a large projection screen directly in your living room! Here is the only projection screens in the world that are both tensioned, foldable, design, the only in the world to open like a triptych and conceal themself behind your favorite paiting/photo/artframe.

   More than just a projection screen: the master piece of your interior decoration. A French-Tech innovation.



Opened, a unique projection experience

Opened, your projection screen unfolds like a triptych and self-tensiones himself: no more creases like traditional motorized screens, no more hideous casing on the ceiling.

Our screens are available for High Definition 2D, 3D and ultra HD 4K video projectors !

Closed, the ornamental object of your interior

Thanks to our patented mechanism, your foldaing screen closes without folds behind your personalised  painting or photo. No more need for space in your living room, no more expensive ceilings or dedicated rooms: now enjoy your home theaters directly in your living-room, blended in perfectly in your interior decor.

In the spirit of “French Art of Live”, our screens for projectors are the only in the world to allow you to put the painting of your choice, and to change it according to your interior decorations. Your projection screen becomes more than just a screen: the art object of your interior decoration.

Please find here some examples of custom personalised installations:

Découvrez l’expérience cinéma Design Screen en vidéo

Patented mechanism, hand-made to order

Made-to-order since 2005, our screens are all made with our patented mechanism, allowing to tension the cinema canvas on a fixed frame articulated in triptych. This new generation of projection screen is both like a fixed screen, a tensioned screen, and a foldable screen: the new solution so that everyone can finally combine quality projections and integration way of living French style.

Design Screen had the honor of being one of the 22 start-ups winners of the national competition “FRENCH TECH CES LAS VEGAS 2016”