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The new generation of video projector screen

+ Why a foldable projection screen?

Since 40 years there was no other solution in the world than having a conventional fixed screen in a dedicated room or a rolling screen of the ceiling tending to curl … Today’s customers and companies want an aesthetic solution, allowing both to have the reliability of a fixed screen but without taking up space, and the quality of a screen tensioned but without awful crankcase or electrical cable to the ceiling. Here is the “new generation” of screens, both stretched, foldable, designs with an ornamental table appearance and fully customizable, all made in France. At last you will enjoy a very large screen directly in your living room or conference room.

+ What are the advantages of these foldable and tensioned screens for projector?

“THE” turnkey solution to regain the sensation of a projection room in your main room with a aesthetic solution. Our patented and made in France mechanism makes it possible to tension the screen at each opening while reducing the size on the wall by 3, thanks to our unique in the world closing in triptych. Thus the screen is concealed in an ornamental painting, entirely customizable with your interior decoration. Much more than just a screen: the ornamental object of your interior, your most beautiful meeting rooms, seminar rooms or yachts.

+ How to ensure that there will never be any creases?

Thanks to our patented mechanism, our projection screens are the only in the world abble to be tensioned and foldable. Each screen consists of a central casing and 3 doors in rigid aluminum profiles: one on the right, one on the left and one in the center casing behind the canvas, constituting a fixed articulated frame. First close the left panel, so the central door moves back into the casing and automatically moves the canvas away from the hinges. Mechanism then curves into the apparatus by taking the form of a paperclip. Concept will never have any creases simply because it is never crushed of the hinges. This unique in the world mechanism has enabled us to obtain international patents.

+ How does the screen hang to the wall?

The central case of our screens is equipped with 4 notches at the back. Put 4 screws on your wall suitable for your materials, hang the screen as a simple painting, open: it’s ready!

+ How do I build this fixed tensioned screen?

Each screen is made to order and delivered assembled. You will thus receive your screen ready to use, without any assembly to make, you have just to hang the painting on the front.

+ How are your screens manufactured?

Each screen is manufactured hand-made, exclusively on order, with the options and customization of your choice. It is therefore not industrial products, but a true unique screen of art: yours!

+ Which projector for a screen?

Our French screens are made with true cinema canvases, the same ones that equip the European digital cinemas. Our screens are therefore compatible with all HIGH DEFINITION projectors: Full HD 2D, 3D and Ultra 4KHD. Only short-focus and low definition projectors are not recommended.

Customizing front painting

+ Can I paste my own poster?

Yes, our screens are lined with aluminum or wood panels with a cardboard background and a synthetic plexiglass to allow you to paste your own poster. Your screen will be in perfect harmony with your interior decoration.

+ Can I have a wooden frame?

Yes we can optionally equip your painting with wooden frames in front to give a more traditional aspect to your personal screen. The wooden frame will also be lined with a cardboard background and a synthetic plexiglass to allow you to paste the poster of your choice. Your screen will fit perfectly in a classic and warm environment.

+ Can I have in front aspect painted canvas without plexiglass?

Yes, more than 100 reproductions of art are available to be in perfect harmony with your interior decoration or your meeting room. We will then print one of this reproductions on a printed canvas that you can clip on the front of your screen. Your screen will be much more than just a screen: the ornamental object of your interior or meeting room.

+ Is it possible to have my own photo in large format?

Yes you can optionally have your most beautiful photo in front of your screen: send us your file in High Definition (1920 x 1080 pixels or 500dpi minimum) and we will print it in very large format on canvas linen. Your photo will then have a prestigious aspect “canvas art” in very large format.

+ Will I be able to change the painting later?

Yes, thanks to our patented concept, the painting or frame is simply clipped on the front of the screen. You can easily unhook it and replace it with a new painting or photo in harmony with your new interior decoration.

How do I order?

+ How do I order a Design Screen in Europe?

Choose in our configurator the options of your personalised screen and click on “send a quotation request”. We will promptly provide you a customized Proforma quote with your options and we will indicate the carriers’ fees according to your delivery address and weight of your screen. To confirm your order, please just return this proforma for agreement, signed, dated with your international bank transfer. In accordance with European law, “as exporter of this patented projection screens, DesignScreen declares that by preference, and unless otherwise stipulated, they of EC/EEE origin”.

+ > What are the delivery times ?

Each screen is made by unit, exclusively on order, hand-made with the customized options of your choice. After receipt of your complete order, please note about 5 weeks of manufacture in order of arrival of orders. We will make a unique screen for you: yours!

+ Are your screens guaranteed?

We are manufacturing our triptychal screens since 2005 hand-made, no screen leaves our workshop without perfect operation and verified. You will certainly have no anomaly. Our screens are guaranteed 2 years parts and labor. Contact DesignScreen to request service. We will confirm your agreement in writing. Return your screen to the workshop, transport at your expense. After repair the screen will be relieved at our expense to your address.

+ How to maintain my screen?

Our screens are made with true cinema canvases, so of washable synthetic material. No maintenance is necessary. Please note it is recommended not to smoke and not to install the screen near a heat, cold or humidity source. In case of soiling, clean with a soft white cloth, warm water and mild soap with white soap. Proceed with small rotations without pressing. Rinse and let dry in the open air.

+ How contact you for further questions?

Please contact us by mail at: