The first folding, tensioned, artframe projection screen.

More than just a projection screen: The only rollable folding customisable projection screens in the world! The master piece of your interior decoration, meeting room, palace or yacht.

Closed, thanks our patented inovation, our new projection screens are concealed without creasing. Your personal screen will fold and unfold like a triptych behind your favorite painting.  Opened, your painting becomes a large projection screen, that self tensiones to have no creasing, thereby avoiding warping which is common to traditional ceiling mounted retractable screens.

More, you can change easy the painting when you want, to blend in perfektly with your interior design or conference room.

At last you can have a large projection screen and an HD projector in your living-room. DesignScreenHD: The new generation of projection screens, made in France. Made by hand in order, suitable for all HD projectors 2D, 3D, 4K. The made in France solution, for interior architects.

Winner FrenchTech

A world class French-Tech folding projection screen/painting.

First world presentation at CES Las Vegas 2016.

La French Tech
CES Las Vegas

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Our DesignScreenHD projection screens are the first winner by FrenchTech jury at CES LAS VEGAS 2016 , with 190 other french companies in this international show…


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