Achievements and testimonials

Projection screen installation images. Thanks to our customers for these testimonials. Here is a selection of customizations made by our customers: interiors designs, screen movable, home theater in living-rooms,  meeting rooms of start-up village, management room in European bank or architectural firms, and now the 1rst interactiv folding projection screen in the world!  These few examples illustrate the infinite possibilities of customizing your screen, in perfect harmony with your uses, your office or living room.

Choose the size of your screen, and the picture format. Do you want a coaster to put a poster on the front? Do you want to expose the enlargement of your most beautiful picture? Do you prefer a reproduction of real art picture? Do you want your screen self open  in front of a door or window? Do you want your screen to slide sideways or under a roof slope? Do you want to project your business presentations in your most beautiful seminar rooms? Would you like to make your projections interactive and boost your meetings? Do you want to take your screen on your yacht and surprise your VIP guests? Now, you can imagine the most beautiful screen in the world: yours!



« The most beautiful of all projection screens, congratulations! A fan for enthusiasts. »

Laétitia MILOT – French TV actress

« A whole home theater hidden in a decorative artframe, awesome! »

Valérie DAMIDOT– TV speacker

«I travel the world to promote my films, what a joy to go home and use your wonderful screen»

Jean-Christophe DESSAINT –movie director

« An amazing screen, which I show every time I get. thank you for everything »

Pierre ADENOT – composer of movies music

Emmanuel MACRON with DESIGN SCREEN, French-Tech CES Las Vegas 2016.