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The new generation of projection screen for gaming

Screen for gaming. Imagine: what a surprise for your friends players when your painting will deploy to project your best video games! You will not be “in front of” your favorite videogame , you will be “in”!

More than just a projection screen, the master piece of your home decoration. A French-Tech innovation.

Total Immersion in your game in multiplayer

Screen for gaming? Looking for an immersion in the game in multiplayer? Virtual reality helmets allow solo immersion, each one living its own action, but without shared emotion as a group. Thanks to the High Definition videoprojection, you will dive into the game on a big screen and allow your friends to share with you all pleasures of the game.

Gamers want to play in the ambient light of their gaming room. To meet this expectation, the new quality projectors are more powerful, equipped with long-lasting lamps, with an ultra fast display time and requiring little recoil . All that was missing was the “new” generation of video projector screen suitable for use in ambient light. So we designed our video game screens by equipping them with our gray canvas for projections in dim light.

Découvrez l’expérience gaming Design Screen en vidéo

A screen specially adapted for gaming

The gamers know it: blue light of televisions or PC screens causes real visual fatigue and long-term risks. So our screens are real projection screens, so that they reflect the light of the projector placed at the back: be no more worry about the blue light coming from the front of the televisions and PC.

You will be able to dive for hours in your best video games and share with others all the twists and turns on a big screen, directly into your living room.

Pleased by gamers

Our “Special Gamers” DesignScreen had the honor of being the world’s first gaming screens presented at the “FrenchDreamHack” Fair in the spring of 2017 and of being among the 22 start-up winners of the national competition “FRENCH TECH CES LAS VEGAS 2016.