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More than a projection screen, the art object of your architectural projects

Because each interior is unique, each project is unique too, please find the new solution to conceal a large projection screen behind an ornamental personalised painting! No more costly false ceilings, no more electric cables, no more expansive false ceilings or costly repairs. Finally, projection screens becomes more than a simple technical surface: the art object of your architectural project, for a perfect integration in your architectural interior decoration, for living rooms, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, yachts and palaces.

Do you have a unique project with your own style? Do you have a work of art that you want to use? You want to install a mirror in front? Contact me personally: I will study with you the dimensions and the technical feasibility and will personally make your screen of art, made-to-measure, in a few weeks. I will also make a special wall pivot, if necessary, to hang your painting or wall mirror according to its dimensions and weight, and rotate it in front of your screen to hide it. Much more than just a screen: your artwork.

I will help you too to find the best projector, and will help your installation, by quotation. Please contact me directly on my email:

It will be a pleasure to work for you soon. Thanks for your confidence.

Eric Suteau/inventor founder.


Ornamental solution and quality projection screen

Much more than a simple projection screen, here is the ornamental solution for all demanding interior projects: “THE” new generation of projection screens, made in France. Quality projections require a screen that meets the quality of the projector and the conditions of the room to equip, which is why even real cinemas never project on a simple passive and imperfect white wall.

We manufacture hand-screens with the same real projection canvas that equipe European cinema complexes with digital projections, made to measure for our screen sizes. This allows you to access high definition projections, compatible with any 2D, 3D and ultra HD 4K high-definition projectors or beamer.

Because today design objects are no longer hidden, we have designed for the most demanding architects the only projection screens in the world that hide in ornamental paintings, fully customizable, to blend in perfectly with your interior design project. Choose your favorite painting or photo, change it easily with the changes of your interior decorations. This made in France screens that finally combines high definition projections and “French Art of life”, and “french touch”.



Better than the traditional built-in display, the optimal technical solution

No more expensive false ceilings to conceal a screen wrapped in the ceiling. No more cables and long work. No more repair costs for the motorized screen. Our screens are made of rigid and lightweight tubular aluminum profiles with self-assisted opening, delivered already assembled in workshop, and ready to use: put 4 screws on the wall adapted to your wall materials, hang, decorate with your painting, it is ready! Small painting are also available on option to conceal the projection hatch of the projector. The new High Definition projectors also allow easy installation, without the need to be on the visual axis, with long lamps, we will advise you in the choice of the projector according to your projects.

Handmade by order made in France

Our patented projection screens had the honor of being among the 22 start-ups winners of the national competition “FRENCH TECH CES LAS VEGAS 2016”

Handmade exclusively on order in Touraine near “chateaux de la loire” since 2005, our screens-art paintings carry the art of living to the French of the Loire Valley and won the Trophy “Top-Enterprises-Department 2016” by the Council of Indre-et-Loire Department.