Design Screen lauréat FRENCH TECH 2016

Design Screen laureate French-Tech CES Las Vegas

Nos écrans DesignScreenHD sont les premiers écrans de projection à être lauréats du concours national FrenchTech 2016.


Our DesignScreenHD screens are the first screen projection screens to win the FrenchTech 2016 national competition. This competition selected 22 innovative companies to represent France at the CES de LAS VEGAS, among the 190 other French companies present at the event.

The aim was not only to highlight the connected solutions, but also to promote innovative digital products. The new digital projectors, which now allow films, DVDs, Blu-ray, TV and game consoles to be projected in High Definition and also in 3D, or even in 4K, had to design a new generation of projection screens to meet these new uses and allow easy integration into everyone’s interior decoration.

From now on, our DesignScreenHD screens, only the only projection screens in the world to be deployed in triptych to ideally stretch the canvas with each High Definition projection, then to close and hide behind the ornamental painting of your choice, for meeting rooms or interior living rooms.

The visit of the Minister of Economy and many international journalists has given our DesignScreenHD screens extraordinary visibility by placing them at the level of the best projection screens in the world, so that you can enjoy High Definition projectors: 2D, 3D or 4K.