Screens that fold…without creasing?
patented mechanism unique in the world:

True cinema Screen

1 • Ceiling mounted retractable screens tend to warp. Since 2005, all our projection screens are 'tensioned', that is to say, strung on all four sides with an elastic system attached to aluminium rails which ensures an even stiffness even over time. Our screens are made with authentic, high definition, wide-angle cinema screen canvas with a gain of 1. Assisted, eco-friendly (0 kWh!), manual opening. THE new generation of home theater screens for HD projectors.

Patented Technology "made in France"

2 • Our projection screens are the only in the world that open in three parts, like a triptych: open the left panel, then the right and the screen self tensions. To close the screen again, close the left panel, then the right: that it! Since 2005 this patented mechanism never causes creasing of the projection surface, even over time: the screen is curved into the casing away from the hinges, without ever being crushed. This one-of-a-kind mechanism enables you to finally have a whole cinema in your living room, your conferences rooms, hôtel or yacht, that takes up 3 times less space on the wall.

More than just a Screen, your Artwork

3 • Our projection screens are concealed behind your favorite picture frame among a large range of finishings: aluminium frame with perspex for posters (poster not provided), wood frame, stretched canvas printed artwork or a made-to-order stretcher frame for you to have your own artwork mounted by a professional. Your projection screen becomes something more than just a screen; the personal piece of your living room, conférences room, luxury hôtel or yacht. Screens for HD projectors: 2D,3D,4K.

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